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At Beaverton Tree Removal, we have a team of skilled tree experts who are equipped to handle any tree-related projects. Our top priority is customer satisfaction, and we pride ourselves on our efficiency and cleanliness.

The owner of Beaverton Tree Removal grew up learning about climbing and cutting trees from his father, who started their family tree service company in 1962. With a deep appreciation for trees and a sense of duty to provide the best possible service, our team is dedicated to following in the footsteps of the owner's father and providing top-quality tree care.

We have been serving the Beaverton community for many years, earning excellent customer feedback and many long-term clients through word-of-mouth referrals. Our business has grown thanks to the support of this community, and we work hard every day to provide the best tree service at affordable prices. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction and take pride in putting our integrity on the line with every job. The owner is also involved in every job to ensure the highest quality of work.

As tree surgeons and doctors, we are passionate about our work and love being outdoors in T-shirts and jeans. We have spent our whole lives climbing and working on various types of trees in Beaverton. Our services include not only removal but also tree-saving and restoration techniques for sick trees. We understand how to properly trim trees without causing harm and how to nurture and care for them through deep root injections and other methods to increase nutrients and reduce infection.

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Beaverton Tree Removal
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