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Welcome to the city that often goes unnoticed but has so much to offer - Beaverton, Oregon. A city recognized for its robust business culture and home to world-class corporations, brimming with opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs. You might be asking why put Beaverton on the business map? The answer is simple.

Given its strategic location, talent pool, and thriving economy, Beaverton provides fertile ground for businesses to root and grow. This city offers a harmonious blend of community-oriented lifestyle and business-friendly atmosphere. But, there's more to unravel about Beaverton, and in this blog, we're going to explore these untapped resources, discover unique opportunities, and understand why it truly deserves a special place on the business map. Stay tuned as we delve deeper into this city's charm and potential.

beaverton oregon on the map

Located strategically on the western edge of Portland, Beaverton Oregon has successfully established itself as a bustling economic hub. With a demographic as diverse as its booming industries, it perfectly embodies the appealing blend of cosmopolitan attitude and suburban tranquility.

From premier global sports companies to bustling tech startups, Beaverton is home to a broad spectrum of businesses. This economic dynamism, combined with world-class infrastructure, offers the perfect environment for businesses to thrive.

Furthermore, the city offers a high-quality lifestyle with an abundance of recreational amenities, top ranking schools and a low crime rate. This makes Beaverton not only an excellent place to do business, but also to live, work and play.

In a rapidly globalizing business landscape, Beaverton Oregon truly stands out on the map as a promising location to start or expand your business.

(Geography – Where Beaverton is located on the map)

Beaverton, Oregon, distinctly pinpoints itself on the United States map as a notable suburb positioned seven miles west of Portland, one of the major cities in the Pacific Northwest region.

Sitting comfortably in the Tualatin River Valley, Beaverton's geographical coordinates are 45.4871° N latitude and 122.8037° W longitude. Featuring a vibrant blend of urban and natural elements, it lies within the Portland metropolitan area in the northern part of Oregon's fertile Willamette Valley.

Interestingly, this city shares its southern border with Aloha and its eastern border with the iconic West Hills of Portland. To its west, lays the remarkable landscape of Hillsboro. With the Cascade Mountains distant on the east horizon and owning Pacific Ocean horizons to its west, Beaverton enjoys a rather strategic and appealing geographical location.

(Brief history of Beaverton, Oregon)

beaverton oregon on the map

Beaverton, Oregon’s roots trace back to the Native Atfalati tribe, pre-dating even Lewis and Clark's expedition. Officially incorporated in 1893, this historic town emerged from humble beginnings as an agricultural hub in Tualatin Valley to being the sixth-largest city in Oregon today.

Journey through Beaverton’s transformation where early 19th-century settlers were lured by Oregon's Donation Land Act, cultivating nurseries, garden, and greenhouses. The essence of these agricultural beginnings persists today in the local farmer's market and the city's floral emblem, the tea rose.

20th-century progress saw Beaverton's evolution into a vital industrial town. Intel, a Fortune 500 company, made Beaverton their home in the 1970s, inviting a surge of technological advances. The city, fondly known as 'NikeTown', is also the global headquarters of Nike, Inc., further sealing Beaverton’s footprints on the world map.

Beaverton, a small city with a big story, defines its history, not as mere dates and events, but as a unique blend of heritage and progress.

(Beaverton's Climate – Overview of the weather and seasons)

beaverton oregon on the map

Beaverton, situated in the heart of Oregon, is characterized by a comfortable and temperate climate.

The city experiences four distinct seasons, assuring a variance in the weather patterns. Winter months tend to be mild to cold, while summers bring warm, pleasant temperatures.

Starting from winter, it's usually chilly with some rainfall but snowfall is relatively rare. The winter morphs into a lovely spring, adorned with blooming flowers and mild temperatures.

Summer is warm without being excessively hot, making it an ideal time to enjoy outdoor activities. The year concludes with a crisp, colorful autumn characterized by falling leaves and slightly cooler air.

The temperate climate makes Beaverton suitable for a wide range of businesses that depend on weather conditions. In summary, Beaverton's climate offers a balanced mix of weather patterns, any time of the year.

(Population – Statistics on population size, growth, and diversity)

beaverton oregon on the map

Beaverton, Oregon boasts a population that has shown consistent growth over the years. As of the latest consensus, the vibrant city is home to approximately 98,000 residents. Notably, this figure marks an increase of about 14% as compared to the population size a decade ago.

What makes Beaverton stand out is its diverse population. The city beautifully tends to individuals from varied racial and ethnic backgrounds, offering a rich cultural experience. About 64% of the population identifies as White, while approximately 22% is of Asian descent.

The diversity doesn't stop there, Beaverton also records a large population of Hispanic or Latino origin, as well as African American, Native Hawaiian, and other Pacific Islander communities. This diverse mix of cultures and backgrounds helps fuel Beaverton's dynamic and welcoming atmosphere.

beaverton oregon on the map

Whether you're a small business owner, corporate executive, or start-up innovator, Beaverton Oregon has something to offer you. The city boasts a diversified economy, which melds manufacturing, technology, and health sectors all in one single dynamic marketplace.

Coupled with ease of access to major transport links, it essentially opens up a wide array of opportunities for business growth and expansion.

Culturally, Beaverton also stands it's ground with an inviting blend of natural beauty and city amenities. It provides a balanced lifestyle that can boost absolute workforce productivity.

All these make Beaverton, not just a city on the map, but a destination for companies seeking to broaden their horizons. Beaverton entices with potential and inspires endless possibilities. Experience fervent progress and affluent opportunities, here in Beaverton Oregon.

(Economy - Discuss the major employers, industries, and economic drivers in Beaverton)

beaverton oregon on the map

Situated in the heart of Oregon, Beaverton is home to a lofty range of industries contributing to its robust economy. This economic powerhouse is anchored by major employers, including the global footwear giant, Nike, headquartered right here.

The tech sector further diversifies the economy, with companies like Tektronix and Maxim Integrated providing ample high-tech jobs. Numerous small businesses add local flavor, fostering a healthy entrepreneurial environment.

In addition, Beaverton's strong local government and strategic partnerships catalyze economic drivers and attract investment, fostering a thriving business scene. The healthcare industry also shines, with Providence St. Vincent Medical Center serving as a major employer.

From global sports brands to high-tech industries, the versatility of Beaverton's economy makes it a dynamic player on Oregon's economic map.

(Education - Description of schools, colleges, and universities in Beaverton)

beaverton oregon on the map

Beaverton, Oregon, boasts an impressive education network. Located within the city's boundaries are a number of highly esteemed public and private schools, serving residents from kindergarten through 12th grade. The Beaverton School District shines with quality education, with several of its schools receiving top ratings.

Beyond K-12 education, Beaverton is proximal to several prestigious higher education institutions. Portland State University, with its diverse array of innovative programs, is just a short drive away. Pacific University's Health Professions Campus in neighboring Hillsboro offers opportunities for aspiring healthcare professionals.

Lastly, Beaverton is home to the Oregon Graduate Institute, offering graduate-level courses in fields like software engineering and environmental science. Whether you're seeking solid foundational education or advanced academic pursuits, Beaverton offers a plethora of options.

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