Beaverton's Native Tree Planting Services

A large number of people have a love for nature, spending time in the outdoors, and conservation. Unfortunately, the world is seeing a decline in wildlife and an increase in urbanization.

This is most noticeably seen as forests are destroyed for agricultural purposes, and cities grow larger and larger. With the growth of cities, more trees are cut down to make way for buildings and roads needed to accommodate the growing population.

With growing awareness of this problem, organizations have sprung up to help restore some of the lost vegetation. One such organization is called ReTree Canada and they provide tree planting services across Canada.

Their service is very affordable and provides you with quality seeds that will soon grow into beautiful, natural trees that serve a purpose. ReTree Canada plants trees to restore ecosystems damaged by human activity or natural events like floods or droughts.

Where can I have native trees planted?

Beaverton's native tree planting services

You can have your native tree planting services provided by the City of Beaverton. The city offers a free tree program that provides residents with up to five native trees per household to plant in their yard.

You must pre-register for the tree program and wait for an opening due to limited numbers of trees. Once you receive your trees, you must take care of them until they are planted in the ground.

Beaverton also offers professional planting services at an affordable price. If you are looking to have a large number of trees planted, this is a great option! They also offer other environmental friendly solutions such as eco-compost and water conservation practices.

Other local organizations that offer native tree planting services include Environmental Solutions, Green Planet Planting, and Trees For Tomorrow.

What types of trees can I plant?

Beaverton's native tree planting services

When choosing what type of tree to plant, you will need to think about what kind of environment the tree will be in. Will it be in full sun or partial shade?

Will it be on a sandy soil or a richer soil? Will the tree need to be pruned regularly? These are important questions to ask.

Native trees have adapted to the local climate and soils, so planting them is a good way to ensure your tree will survive!

Planting native trees also helps preserve the local biodiversity. By making your planting part of a larger conservation effort, you are further enhancing the health of your local environment.

Tree Nation offers consultations if you are unsure about what kind of trees to plant.

Does it matter where I have my trees planted?

Beaverton's native tree planting services

Yes, it does matter! When you have your trees planted, it can change the number of trees you receive, what species you receive, and how many you actually end up with.

When trees are donated during the planting season, they must be planted within a few weeks. This is because the NWTF volunteers only have a short time to plant all of the trees donated.

If you would like to have a specific tree species or amount, it is best to donate later in the season. By then, more trees will be available and there will be enough time to plant them all.

What is the cost of having professionals plant trees?

Beaverton's native tree planting services

Professionals typically charge per tree, per acre, or per foot of trees planted. Per tree costs are usually between $1 and $10 per tree, with an average of around $5 per tree.

Per acre costs range from $100 to $1000+ per acre, with an average of around $200-$300 per acre. Per foot costs range from $1-$5 per foot, with an average of around $2-$3 per foot.

These prices vary depending on the professional and how much effort they put into planting the trees. Some may just push them into the ground and go back to the truck, while others may dig holes and tamp down the soil before placing the trees.

What if I want to plant my own trees?

Beaverton's native tree planting services

Planting your own trees is a great way to help the environment. You can plant your own trees in your yard, in a local park, or even on your street.

There are many tree planting organizations that will provide you with the trees to plant and instructions on how to plant them. These organizations also update you on the growth of the trees over time, making it an enjoyable environmental project.

Some tree planting organizations offer financial assistance for their plants, so if you are looking for a free tree planting project, look no further! They may even have special days or weeks where they offer this opportunity, so check often for opportunities.

How do I know which type of tree to plant?

Beaverton's native tree planting services

Choosing the right kind of tree is an important part of the tree planting process. When you visit the nursery to purchase your trees, you will be offered a selection of trees that are available for purchase.

Some trees may no longer be available, or new trees may have become available since the last tree planting. The tree coordinators let the volunteers know which trees are currently suitable for planting in your area.

If you are visiting the nursery to buy your trees, then you are asked to look for tall, strong trunks and branches that lean away from each other. These indicate a healthy tree!

You can also ask the staff at the nursery if they have any special plants or species that need more attention or care when planting. Some plants may need more water or less water depending on the type.

What should I consider when planting a tree?

Beaverton's native tree planting services

When you purchase a tree, you should consider what kind of tree you want, where you want to plant it, and when you want to plant it. These three things are important considerations.

The tree kind depends on what you want the tree for. If you like shade, then choose a large oak or maple. If you like Christmas trees, then go for the fir trees! If you like paper or lumber, then choose a variety of trees depending on their durability.

Where you plan to plant the tree depends on what soil type you have. Does your soil contain enough nutrients and water retention capacity? If not, then you may need to add some compost or mulch around the root zone of the tree to help with this.

When to plant the tree depends on whether it is a spring or summer planting or a fall planting. Spring and summer planted trees take longer to develop roots and start growing, but fall planted trees can dry out more easily.

Where can I get native tree seeds or seedlings?

Beaverton's native tree planting services

In order to ensure you are planting the right kind of trees, and to help the environment more, it is important to get native tree seeds or seedlings from a trusted source.

There are many tree nurseries online where you can purchase trees, but make sure they are selling native trees! Unfortunately, this is not always clear unless they state so.

Many tree nurseries sell non-native trees, and while they look beautiful, they will not contribute to environmental sustainability. When looking for trees, make sure they are sold at a nursery that plants indigenous trees.

Tree planting events are also a great place to get native tree seeds and seedlings. Most groups hold these events in the beginning of the year so that everyone can plant and care for their new trees.

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