Best Beaverton Lunch Spots

Welcome to our latest post and thank you for continuing to read our blog. Today, we are stepping away from our usual business-focused topics to explore something a little lighter but no less important – lunch spots in Beaverton. Yes, even professionals like us need a break, and what better way to recharge than a satisfying mid-day meal in one of the many wonderful establishments our city has to offer?

We all know the perks of a good lunch – it boosts morale, increases productivity, and offers a great opportunity for team bonding. So, whether you are in search of a place to impress potential clients, spark team creativity, or you're simply hunting for the tastiest lunch options, we have you covered.

(Du Kuh Bee): Highlight on this spot’s exceptional noodles and Korean dishes.

best beaverton lunch spots

If you're craving authentic Korean cuisine, look no further than Du Kuh Bee. A favored haunt among Beaverton locals, the restaurant is particularly famed for its exceptional noodles. Expertly hand-pulled and cooked to perfection, they demand to be slurped, not just eaten.

Unique flavors of traditional dishes like Jajangmyeon - a Korean-Chinese noodle dish, smothered in a thick sauce made from sweet bean, abundant with diced pork, and veggie burst in your mouth. If you lean towards the spicier side, try their Kimchi jigae, a hearty, fiery stew brimming with kimchi, tofu, and scallions.

Don't be disheartened by its humble exterior, as the quality of food served here, promises a gastronomic adventure. Despite being miles away from the bustling streets of Seoul, Du Kuh Bee brings a snippet of Korea right to the heart of Beaverton, making it a must-visit for those seeking a unique lunch experience.

(Decarli): Focus on its Italian-inspired menu and cozy atmosphere.

best beaverton lunch spots

Decarli is truly a gem in the heart of Beaverton. This Italian-inspired eatery boasts a menu that is nothing short of indulgent.

Every dish tells a story of traditional Italian flavors, merged creatively with a modern touch. Handmade pastas, crispy flatbreads, and succulent meats cooked to perfection are some of the tempting delights you can expect.

The ambiance matches the food in its warmth and comfort. With its rustic brick walls, soft lighting, and intimate booth seating, Decarli offers a cozy atmosphere that makes your lunchtime into an experience to savor.

Whether you're brokering a business deal or catching up with an old friend, Decarli creates a space where conversations flow as smoothly as their fine selection of wines. It's more than a lunch spot - it's a Beaverton institution.

(Watson Hall): Discussion about their micro pub experience focusing on local brews and their exceptional menu.

best beaverton lunch spots

Watson Hall stands as one of Beaverton's hidden lunch gems, a place where casual dining meets local delicacy. It's micro pub revolves around locally sourced brews, each choice a genuine salute to the areas heritage and brewer's prowess.

What stands out, apart from the finely crafted beers, is their extraordinary menu. Watson Hall doesn’t just serve food, it creates culinary experiences. Each dish boasts of creativity, local ingredients, and irresistible flavors. The locally-inspired menu celebrates the traditions of Beaverton and elevates your lunch experience to a new level.

Lastly, the warm aesthetics of the space and unwavering service echo the ethos of this vibrant city. To sum up, Watson Hall truly encapsulates an inviting, locally-rooted dining experience that is characteristically Beaverton. Don't miss out on this hallmark destination when planning your Beaverton lunch itinerary.

(Grassa): Description of Grassa's scratch-made pastas and Italian eatery experiences.

best beaverton lunch spots

Grassa, an enchanting eatery nestled in the heart of Beaverton, is a haven for Italian cuisine aficionados. Known for its handmade pasta, every piece is meticulously crafted from scratch by skilled artisans, offering diners an authentic taste of Italy's culinary traditions.

At Grassa, every bite you take is a harmonious symphony of flavors, thanks to the premium ingredients used. The chefs here are firm believers in selecting only the freshest produce, enhancing the natural robust flavors of their dishes. The menu offers a tantalizing array of options, each more enticing than the last.

From its classic Carbonara that hits those comfort-food cravings, to the adventurous Pistachio Pesto - Grassa is all about delivering rich, satisfying dishes bursting with Italian charm. With such a cozy ambiance and delightful culinary delights, your lunch hours at Grassa will be transformed into a thoroughly enjoyable, gastronomic adventure.

(Thai Bloom): Highlight on their fresh, vibrant, and flavorful Thai menu.

best beaverton lunch spots

Stepping through the door at Thai Bloom transports you straight to the bustling streets of Bangkok. The vibrant atmosphere complements the bounty of flavors waiting to awaken your palate.

Freshness is always on the agenda at Thai Bloom. Each dish served promises an array of crisp ingredients that meld together perfectly.

On the menu, authentic Thai dishes burst with spice and aroma. Pad Thai, their popular stir-fried noodles, wraps you in comfort while their vibrantly seasoned curry keeps you coming back for more.

The symphony of sweet, sour, heat, and umami is a testament to Thai Bloom's use of traditional Thai ingredients and cooking methods. This lunch option takes you on a culinary journey between bites while you're tucked into the charming location of Beaverton.

Thai Bloom is more than just a lunch spot, it's a riveting food narrative held together by Thailand's rich cuisine culture.

(Gyro House Mediterranean Grill): Focus on their authentic Mediterranean food with lots of vegetarian and vegan options.

best beaverton lunch spots

For those on the hunt for authentic Mediterranean cuisine in Beaverton, a stop at Gyro House Mediterranean Grill is absolutely essential.

Serving traditional lunch favorites such as gyros, falafels, and baba ganoush, Gyro House is a go-to spot for local food enthusiasts. Expect an explosion of flavors in each bite.

What sets Gyro House apart, however, is their extensive range of vegetarian and vegan options. Their veggie gyros and vegan falafel wraps are a crowd pleaser, bursting with fresh vegetables and herbs, and drizzled with a garlic tahini dressing.

If you’re looking to escape the ordinary for lunch, or just craving some outstanding Mediterranean flavors, Gyro House will not disappoint.

(Yuzu): Discussion over their Japanese dishes and Ramen specialties.

best beaverton lunch spots

Yuzu, a beloved gem in the heart of Beaverton, is famous for its authentic Japanese dishes that transport your taste buds straight to the Land of the Rising Sun.

Their range of dishes is impressive, featuring everything from the freshest sushi to mouthwatering Izakaya style small plates. One standout is their signature Ramen. Exquisitively crafted, their Ramen boasts a hearty broth that lingers on the palate, combined with supple noodles, marinated egg, and brilliantly finishing with a slice of savory grilled Chashu pork.

But it's not just about the Ramen. Other honorable mentions include the iconic Tonkatsu, and their tantalizing Karaage.

It goes without saying, Yuzu offers up a taste of Japan with a mix of heartwarming comfort food. Whether it's lunch with coworkers or a solo dine, this spot will please the discerning palates. The epitome of Beaverton's culinary scene, Yuzu is truly a treasure for Japanese cuisine aficionados.

(Big's Chicken): Description of their smoky, savory, delectable BBQ chicken and southern style food.

best beaverton lunch spots

If you're in the mood for some Southern comfort, Big's Chicken is a must-try. From the moment you step in, the aroma of their smoky, savory barbeque chicken hits you. We're talking about a feast of flavors here that caters to both dingy-sauced BBQ enthusiasts and crispy chicken cravers.

The chicken, perfectly slow-cooked, boasts a slightly charred exterior that is just as exquisite as its juicy interior. It's brimming with subtle smokiness, a testament to the grill's magic. Paired with their homemade, tangy barbeque sauce, it's a match made in Southern heaven.

But the love for Big's Chicken doesn't stop at the BBQ staple. Their menu shines with other southern-style dishes too - think creamy coleslaw, crispy fries, and decadent peach cobbler. All served in a laid-back and cordial setting. It's a spot where comfort food is taken seriously, and every bite proves it. Undeniably, Big's Chicken is a Beaverton lunchtime gem.

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