Commercial Tree Planting Services For Beaverton's Urban Areas

Tree planting is a noble cause that has gained a lot of traction in the past few years. Many organizations promote tree planting as way to offset the carbon emissions you create in your life.

You can plant trees in your own backyard, as a volunteer project, or even as a business venture. There are many ways to invest in trees, and your efforts will be appreciated by those around you.

Beaverton has several companies that offer commercial tree planting services. Whether you want to plant ornamental trees in your backyard or preserve land as forest, they will provide you with the right trees for the right place.

These companies also have projects such as tree plantings at places like schools and businesses to promote environmental awareness and boost their popularity. They also have special events where people can come and help plant trees, which is a fun way to spend your day.

Ask about their experience and knowledge

Commercial tree planting services for Beaverton's urban areas

Commercial tree planting services will have experienced and knowledgeable staff that can help with your urban forestry project. They will know how to appropriately plant trees in urban areas to combat the increased soil erosion and desertification caused by deforestation.

Tree planting is a very serious business and should not be taken lightly. Planting trees in appropriate places can save the environment, but planting trees in the wrong place can make things worse.

Commercial tree planting services have been doing this for a while so they know what to look for when planting trees. They will also have the appropriate machinery needed to dig holes large enough for the tree to grow into successfully.

Before you pay for their service, make sure they know what they are doing and that they are professional about it. Check their reviews and talk to them about their experience and knowledge of tree planting, especially for urban areas.

Determine what kind of trees you want to plant

Commercial tree planting services for Beaverton's urban areas

Once you have decided on the number of trees you want to plant, you will need to determine what kind of trees you want to plant. There are many types of trees that work well for urban reforestation projects.

Depending on what species of tree you want to plant, and how many of them you want to plant, costs can vary. Some tree varieties are cheaper than others, and some trees require more time to grow and establish before they become full size.

Some trees that are great for urban reforestation projects include acacias, Chinese pistache, Chinese elm, and Japanese lily. These are all very fast growing trees that produce ample shade quickly.

Check with your city to see if you need a permit

Commercial tree planting services for Beaverton's urban areas

If you are looking to plant trees in your backyard, that is great! You are doing something good for the environment and for your own space. However, it is also nice to spread the tree love to other areas.

By volunteering at a tree planting event or donating trees to places like city parks or gardens, you can also spread the tree love.

Tree planting companies typically offer commercial plantings as well. If there is a large area that needs trees or the area is public land, then consider requesting these companies plant trees there. It will be a nice contribution to the area and will spread the green love.

Beaverton has some outstanding natural areas that could use some TLC. Giving some green tips can go a long way in helping preserve these areas and spreading awareness about them.

Obtain the proper equipment for planting trees

Commercial tree planting services for Beaverton's urban areas

Once you have obtained your saplings, you will need to get yourself some proper equipment to plant them. You will need a tree spade, a bag or sack, and roots control material.

A tree spade is simply a shovel that is designed specifically for planting trees. These are usually sold at tree planting events where they provide you with the spade.

A bag or sack is needed to carry the sapling, the soil needed to plant it, and any other materials such as the roots control.

Roots control is a material used to cover the roots of the tree so that they do not get tangled or knotted together. This is needed to prevent death of the tree due to water deprivation or over-watering.

Plan where you want to plant trees before coming to us for help

Commercial tree planting services for Beaverton's urban areas

We recommend that you come to us with an idea or plan for tree planting. If you just want to come to the nursery and pick out trees, that is fine, too!

We have a list of recommended trees for your area and soil type, so if you come to us with a plan or need for trees, we can match you with the right ones.

We offer free tree consultation services if you have already purchased your trees. We can also help you find the right tree for your space and needs!

Tree planting is a fun community event that brings people together. Whether it is your family, friends, or neighbors coming out to help, it is an event that brings good feelings.

Keep your soil healthy by using the right fertilizer

When planting trees in an area that has been developed, it is important to use the right tree planting services. Many trees can be planted in grassy areas or along the edges of paved paths or roads.

Landscapers use soil amendments to help strengthen the soil around the roots and help it retain moisture. A common amendment is peat, which comes from dried sphagnum moss.

Watering trees properly is important, but so is watering the soil! If the soil is dry, then the tree will not thrive.

We recommend having a well-draining sandy loam soil with a pH of 6.0-7.0 for best results.

We also recommend using a slow-release fertilizer like Milorganite to help boost growth after planting.

Know when to water your plants before asking us for help

Commercial tree planting services for Beaverton's urban areas

Once your trees are in the ground, it is your responsibility to keep them healthy. We recommend you keep up with watering your trees for the first year or two after planting.

We suggest you read our blog post on how to water young trees to get more details!

Beaverton has many native tree species, so we offer a commercial tree planting service where we plant local trees in your area. This not only benefits the environment, but also the health of your landscape in the long run.

We also offer pruning services if your tree is overgrown or diseased.

Know how to prune your plants before asking us for help

Commercial tree planting services for Beaverton's urban areas

Pruning your trees and plants is an important part of maintaining them. It can keep them healthy, shapely, and attractive.

Commercial tree planting services will not prune your trees for you unless you ask them to. Many tree service companies will not climb into tree canopies to prune branches either.

Most trained professionals will tell you that tree pruning should be done in the spring or summer. The reason for this is because it is easier to see the structure of the plant and detect diseased or dead limbs then.

Pruning too late in the season can increase your risk of losing the plant to winter injury. Early winter pruning is generally not recommended unless there is a clear safety issue with the plant.

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