Doubletree Inn Beaverton Oregon

Welcome to Beaverton, Oregon, home to scenic beauty and the Doubletree Inn. A town characterized by its lush greens, vibrant community, and dynamic business scene, Beaverton is truly a destination worth exploring.

Situated at the heart of this mesmerizing township is the Doubletree Inn. A beacon of timeless quality and professional hospitality, our hotel stands tall and proud, perfectly exemplifying the essence of Beaverton. As you walk through our doors, you're not just entering into a luxurious accommodation space, but embarking on a journey of comfort, convenience, and unparalleled experience.

Whether you're here for business or pleasure, the Doubletree Inn offers the perfect blend of sophistication and practicality, making it your most ideal stay in Beaverton, Oregon.

Stay tuned as we take you through some of our unique offerings in our upcoming sections.

doubletree inn beaverton oregon

Simply put, Doubletree Inn in Beaverton, Oregon is the epitome of comfort and professionalism.

Every inch of this lodging exudes that elusive balance between homely coziness and sleek professionalism that makes it a choice destination for business travelers. Upon arrival, you're greeted by staff with a warm, welcoming demeanor that immediately puts you at ease.

The hallways are tastefully decorated, with muted colors that don't distract, yet contribute to an overall atmosphere of calm and tranquility. The rooms are well-appointed yet efficient; you won't find excess, but neither will you find something lacking.

Micro-break sessions at their customized workout rooms or a short dip in the indoor pool lends a touch of rejuvenation to carry on with your business commitments.

For the discerning business traveler seeking an ambient mix of comfort and efficacy, Doubletree Inn, Beaverton is indeed a treasured find.

(Location and Accessibility): Discuss the Inn’s location, proximity to attractions and how accessible it is through various modes of transportation.

doubletree inn beaverton oregon

Located in the heart of Beaverton, the Doubletree Inn boasts a prime location with supreme accessibility. Nestled amidst the lively cityscape, the inn offers ready proximity to a plethora of local attractions. Food joints, shopping corners, and various cultural hotspots are just a stroll away, adding to the convenience of your stay.

Accessibility is one of the key highlights of Doubletree Inn. It's a mere 20-minute drive from Portland International Airport, making it effortless for travelers reaching by air. If you're using public transportation, the Inn is well connected by bus and train routes. It's a stone's throw away from the Beaverton Central MAX Station, ensuring smooth commutation to and from the city.

Also worth mentioning is the ease of access for differently-abled guests, with ramps and elevators provided. Without a doubt, Doubletree Inn ensures comfort and convenience, making your stay a pleasant experience.

(Architecture and Design): Write about the unique architectural design, interiors, and ambience of Doubletree Inn Beaverton Oregon.

Nestled amidst the lush landscapes of Beaverton, Doubletree Inn is a striking beacon of modern architecture dotting Oregon's skyline. The structure cleverly merges a sleek design with rustic, locally inspired accents to offer a contemporary yet inviting atmosphere.

Step inside and be enveloped by the warmth of cherry wood interiors, blending seamlessly with elegant steel and glass elements. Each space is brimming with natural light, augmenting the soothing color palette that pervades the establishment.

Subtle nods to local culture shine through custom-decorated accents, emanating a distinct local character. The creative use of space within the hotel ensures that every area, from the lobby to the rooms, is comfortable and exudes a sense of relaxation.

It's not just a place to rest; Doubletree Inn, with its unique architectural presentation, engages your senses, instilling an inherent fascination with its splendid design. Such is the timeless appeal the Doubletree Inn holds, firmly engraving itself in Beaverton's visual narrative.

(Accommodations): Describe the different types of rooms and suites available at the hotel, including the amenities each room offers.

doubletree inn beaverton oregon

Experience comfort and luxury at Doubletree Inn Beaverton Oregon with our variety of rooms and suites designed with your needs in mind.

Our King and Queen rooms, spacious and elegantly furnished, are perfect for business and leisure travelers alike, equipped with modern amenities such as Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, mini-fridges, and coffee makers.

Our suites raise the bar with separate living spaces, dining areas, and kitchenettes. They also come with plush robes and breathtaking city views, making you feel right at home.

The Executive Rooms, designed for the discerning traveler, offer access to the Executive Lounge, where complimentary breakfast and evening beverages are served.

With our variety of accommodations, every stay at Doubletree Inn Beaverton Oregon is finely tailored to your needs.

(Dining Experience): Give a detailed review of on-site restaurants, room service, and any nearby dining options available to guests.

doubletree inn beaverton oregon

The dining experience at Doubletree Inn Beaverton, Oregon, is nothing short of exceptional. Their on-site restaurant offers a divine menu, featuring local Oregonian ingredients prepared into scrumptious meals that please even the most discerning foodies. Guests are spoilt for choice from their extensive wine list to their beautiful range of desserts.

For those keen on spending a relaxing evening in their rooms, the hotel offers room service featuring the same great menu. The highly efficient staff ensure your meals are delivered hot and promptly.

The location of Doubletree Inn Beaverton also places guests within proximity to numerous dining options. Whether you fancy a quick bite at a local fast food joint or a refined culinary journey at a top-rated eatery, the choices are endless. Your food adventure in Beaverton, Oregon starts at Doubletree Inn.

(Amenities): Discuss the amenities available at Doubletree Inn, including the fitness center, pool, spa, and any special features the hotel offers.

doubletree inn beaverton oregon

Unwind in style at the Doubletree Inn, Beaverton Oregon. Our resort-style amenities ensure a memorable stay, beginning with our fully-equipped fitness center. It offers cutting-edge machines and free weights catering to all your workout needs.

Our guests adore the rejuvenating outdoor pool, a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Close by is our state-of-the-art spa offering customized treatments designed to melt your stress away.

But what truly sets us apart are our special features. The star feature is our eco-friendly initiatives, ranging from hypoallergenic bedding to our commitment towards local sourced ingredients in our dining room.

Our range of amenities ensures your stay is truly unique, blending in comfort, style, and responsible hospitality, all under one roof. Experience the best of Beaverton Oregon, only at Doubletree Inn.

(Events and Conference Facilities): Write about the facilities that cater for events such as weddings, conferences or seminars, and what they can accommodate.

doubletree inn beaverton oregon

The Doubletree Inn Beaverton, Oregon boasts of top-notch event and conference facilities, meticulously designed to host diverse occasions such as weddings, conferences, and seminars.

Our dedicated event spaces accommodate various needs and can be adjusted to your desired setting. With state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment, you are sure to make an impression at your seminars or conferences.

Our stunning ballroom is perfect for weddings, providing a beautiful backdrop for your nuptials. With unparalleled service, our experienced event staff go above and beyond to ensure your big day is memorable.

In addition, our versatile outdoor spaces provide a refreshing ambiance for social events. Blessed with Oregon’s picturesque landscapes, these spaces create an enchanting atmosphere for your guests.

Combining professionalism, flexibility, and elegance, the Doubletree Inn Beaverton is your ideal venue. We are committed to making your event nothing short of spectacular.

(Nearby Attractions): Detail some of the attractions and points of interest near the hotel, emphasizing those within walking distance or a short drive.

doubletree inn beaverton oregon

In close proximity to the Doubletree Inn Beaverton Oregon, a hub of local attractions await curious travelers.

Just around the corner, you'll find The Beaverton Farmer's Market - the perfect spot for a Saturday stroll; while avid shoppers will be lured by The Cedar Hills Crossing, an exciting complex filled with a plethora of trendy stores within a 5-minute drive.

For nature lovers, Tualatin Hills Nature Park, an oasis of greenery, resides merely a ten-minute drive away.

If you are into history, take a 15-minute trip to see the historical Beaverton History Center.

Meanwhile, if the arts strike your fancy, Beaverton City Library - the city's cultural heart, is within comfortable walking distance.

Lastly, wine enthusiasts won't want to miss the Cooper Mountain Vineyards just a short drive out into the Oregon's wine country.

Discover these attractions and more when staying with us, immersing yourself in true Beaverton living.

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