Emergency Tree Removal In Beaverton: Who To Call

Tree removal is a serious matter that requires experienced professionals. There are many cases where people have tried to remove trees on their own, and it has ended in tragedy.

Tree removal companies have all experienced tragic accidents where people have been injured or killed by trees falling while they were cutting the tree down.

Beaverton has several professional tree removal companies that you can call to have the tree removed for you. Most offer emergency services for situations like high wind events or trees falling on property.

If you are experiencing high-wind damage or your property is threatened by a fallen tree, call one of these companies to have them remove the threat safely!

These professionals are trained and equipped to handle all types of trees and situations. Let them handle the hard work so you can focus on safety.

Call a professional tree removal service if your tree is damaged

Emergency tree removal in Beaverton: who to call

It is unsafe to try to remove a tree yourself unless you have the proper training and equipment. Professionals have the right tools and know-how to safely remove trees of all sizes and types.

Not only is it dangerous to try to do it on your own, but you could be charged for damaging property if you attempt to remove a tree on your property that is not yours.

Removing a tree in the wrong season can lead to unexpected plant death. If you notice a tree in need of removal, do not wait until the next season to have it taken down!

Professional tree removal services offer other services as well, such as stump grinding and bagging of leaves and debris. These can be helpful for those who are busy and do not have time to take down a tree themselves.

What happens during emergency tree removal?

Emergency tree removal in Beaverton: who to call

In case of an emergency tree removal, a professional arborist will come and assess the situation. If the tree is unstable, they will make sure that no one comes into contact with it.

They will also assess the damage and figure out what caused it. In some cases, there may be external factors that caused the damage, like wind or flooding.

If the roots are compromised in any way, they will remove the tree to make sure that it does not become a safety hazard. Once removed, they will analyze what contributed to its demise and share this information with you.

They will also remove any potential hazards from the site so that clean-up can take place. After all of this is done, new trees can be planted to replace those that were removed.

Will I need to remove the whole tree?

Emergency tree removal in Beaverton: who to call

If the tree is dead or diseased, or a large portion of the tree needs to come down, then you will need to hire a professional. These trees are a greater risk and take more experience and skill to handle.

Removing these trees is not something that most amateur tree workers can do. Since trees are living organisms, removing too much can kill the remaining parts.

Experts know how to carefully remove these trees while avoiding root damage and leaving as much intact as possible. By having experts do this, it also prevents the chance of property damage or harm to people.

If you have a live tree that needs pruning, then you can usually get away with calling a regular landscaper.

What should I look for when hiring a company?

Emergency tree removal in Beaverton: who to call

When looking for a tree removal company, make sure they are licensed and insured. Most states require tree service companies to be licensed. This means they have passed a review of their practices and documentation and have paid the required licensing fee.

Also, ensure they have liability insurance in case any accidents occur while they are working. For example, if someone slips and falls due to muddy grounds or a fallen branch, they are covered!

Not only does licensing show that the company is professional, it ensures that your tree will be taken down properly. Unlicensed contractors have been known to cut corners to save time and money, which can put your tree at risk.

What are the costs of emergency tree removal?

Emergency tree removal in Beaverton: who to call

Fortunately, in most cases, the cost of emergency tree removal is not expensive. Most companies charge per hour, per person, and per tree. The price can also increase if other equipment or vehicles are needed to complete the job.

Some companies may also charge a deposit depending on how far in advance you schedule your removal. This is due to their busy schedule and the need to reschedule people.

However, if the situation is an immediate danger, then there will probably not be a charge. This is because it is an emergency and they will likely rush to remove the tree at no cost.

How do I know if my tree is diseased?

Emergency tree removal in Beaverton: who to call

If you notice changes in the color or texture of the tree’s bark, see spiderwebs in the tree, see ants or other insects crawling around it, or see dead leaves or branches fall off it, you should have a tree expert examine it.

These signs can indicate diseases like chestnut blight and hemlock woolly adelgia. These are serious diseases that can kill trees.

If you are unable to identify whether your tree has a disease or not, call A Certified Tree Expert. They will be able to determine if your tree is diseased or not and what to do about it.

Tree experts also specialize in removing trees without damaging anything around them. They are well trained and know how to do their job safely.

What should I do if my tree is damaged?

Emergency tree removal in Beaverton: who to call

If you notice any changes in the health or color of your tree, or notice any new branches or twigs growing on your tree, contact a tree service immediately.

These could be signs of insect and disease infestation, which could lead to total tree death. Insect and disease control can be very expensive, so it is best to take action quickly.

If a large portion of your tree is dead or has been downed by a storm, contact a professional to have it removed. Leaving debris on your property can be a safety hazard and spread insects and diseases to other trees. A professional will know how to properly dispose of the tree debris in an effective way.

When looking for emergency tree removal services, make sure they are qualified and certified professionals. Check their credentials and reviews to make sure they are providing quality service.

When should I have my trees checked?

Emergency tree removal in Beaverton: who to call

Every year, thousands of trees suffer from structural problems that could lead to a fatal tree failure. These trees receive a free inspection every time it rains, and every time the wind blows.

If your trees have been damaged by recent storms, or you notice new weakness or stress in the tree, then you should have it inspected.

A professional arborist can do a thorough inspection of your tree, looking at its root system, canopy, and structure to determine if there are any issues that need to be addressed.

An inspection can be done anytime of the year, so do not wait until spring when tree care professionals get busy.

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