Protecting Trees During Construction In Beaverton

Trees are an important part of any neighborhood. They provide shade, they add to the aesthetic value of a property, and they bring nature into our busy lives.

As our world becomes more focused on development and construction, the risk of trees being impacted increases. Construction workers may not be aware of the location of all trees on a property, or how to protect them during construction processes.

How can we prevent damage to trees during construction? How can we make sure tree protection measures are taken seriously and implemented by construction workers?

These are important questions that need answers. Luckily, there are organizations that focus on just that- protecting trees during construction! One such organization is called Tree Protection Beaverton and they provide invaluable services to the community.

Reduce the damage with plastic wrapping

Protecting trees during construction in Beaverton

When trees need to be removed for construction projects, it is important to take precautions to protect the remaining trees on the site.

Trees can be damaged by construction equipment, soil compaction, and sun exposure when spaces are created for new buildings or structures.

Landscapers use several methods to prevent these damages, but one of the most effective ones is plastic tree wrapping.

Plastic tree wrapping is exactly what it sounds like- a plastic covering that securely wraps a tree in order to protect it during construction. This can be done using either tape or a material that stretches.

By carefully placing this plastic wrapping, landscapers can ensure that the tree retains enough water and sunlight to stay healthy while protecting it from harm.

For larger trees, place wooden blocks under the roots

Protecting trees during construction in Beaverton

When digging around the tree, ensure that the hole does not

be wider than the tree’s root system. This prevents the tree from

struggling to receive enough nutrients and water.

Beaverton tree removal professionals understand how important it is to protect trees during construction. If you need help, do not hesitate to contact them!

Tree planting is an excellent way to add some green into your life. You can plant trees in your backyard, along the street bordering your property or even at a public space like a park or civic center grounds.

There are many varieties of trees that you can choose from depending on where you want to plant them. Before you go out and buy all of the supplies needed to plant a tree, check if there are any invasive species in your area that you need to avoid planting.

Plant new trees next to existing ones

Protecting trees during construction in Beaverton

A simple way to preserve the forest is to plant new trees next to existing trees. When the new tree is tall enough, the two trees can form a partnership to grow and protect each other.

Tree shelters are an effective way to protect existing trees during construction. These protective enclosures surround the tree trunk and roots, protecting them from damage caused by excavation work.

Beaverton tree experts recommend using tree shelters as early in the planning phase of a construction project as possible. This gives the trees enough time to establish their roots and become sturdy before being exposed to any disturbances.

Shelters are cost-effective ways to protect local trees, so they are a common request from residents and community groups. Giving locals the opportunity to ask for this resource early on can help protect forests for future development projects.

Ask your contractor to put tarps over the root zone

Protecting trees during construction in Beaverton

When a home or building is being built, the land must be prepared for construction. This can include removing trees, shrubs, and even digging into the ground.

Unfortunately, in the rush to build, many trees are damaged or killed due to construction activity. This is known as tree mortality and it is a large problem for our environment.

When trees are removed during construction, the exposed roots are vulnerable to being washed away or dried up. New trees cannot be planted in empty holes and will take years to grow tall enough to be noticed.

Beaverton has made it easy for residents to request that their contractor put down tarps over the root zone of nearby trees before construction begins. This way, when the site is cleared for construction, the tree(s) still have protection from being exposed.

Loose soil should be replaced with concrete or stones

Protecting trees during construction in Beaverton

When buildings are built, trees are often cut down or have their roots disturbed. If the area is going to be redeveloped or there will be a construction site for a long time, then it is best to plant new trees.

When trees are just planted, they need protection from being damaged by construction. The best way to do this is with a concrete slab under the tree.

Beaverton requires that builders pay for tree conservation as part of the permit process. This includes planting new trees and protecting existing ones during construction.

Builders can either pay an hourly rate per tree to protect them or buy their own protective measures. The cost varies depending on the size and type of tree.

Steel reinforcement should be placed around the root zone

Protecting trees during construction in Beaverton

In addition to requiring arborist inspections, the city of Beaverton requires steel reinforcement be placed around trees during construction. This precaution protects trees from being damaged or destroyed by excavation activities.

Beaverton also requires that soil fill be placed around the tree’s root zone in an adequate thickness to protect the tree from exposure to excavations or surface grading.

Arborists consider many things when doing an inspection, including the health of the tree, whether it has enough room to grow, and whether any structures or underground utilities might affect it.

In some cases, an arborist may determine that a tree must be removed due to poor health or lack of space to grow. In these cases, arborists work with developers and city officials to ensure that appropriate replacements are planted.

Trees with shallow roots should be replaced with trees with deep roots

Protecting trees during construction in Beaverton

When trees need to be removed due to construction, landscaping, or other reasons, it is important to do so carefully.

Trees contain a lot of valuable nutrients in their soil and leaves. These should always be removed before adding new plants.

Beaverton tree services recommend removing trees with shallow roots first when clearing an area. Replace these trees with trees with deep roots to help stability.

Removing all the trees at once can cause more stress on the remaining plants and soil, and create additional work. By removing them one at a time, the new plants will have enough time to establish themselves before the next is removed.

Removing all the trees at once may be required in some cases, such as for development or construction. In this case, planting grasses and other non-tree plants can help mitigate some of the effects.

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