Root Collar Excavation Services For Trees In Beaverton

When a tree needs to be removed, the best practice is to remove the entire tree, root ball, instead of just cutting the tree down. This is called a full removal.

The reason for this is because roots of trees go much farther than the canopy or height of the tree. Its roots go as far down as its height, and then some more.

Removing just the top of the tree does not help with stability or safety since these deep roots still exist. They can actually grow into other things and cause problems.

Removing the entire root ball takes a lot of time and labor, which makes it expensive. Because of this, there are companies that specialize in this service and call it root collar excavation services. This article will talk about what that is and how much it costs.

Make sure to remove the roots

When you have finished removing the tree, it is time to remove the roots. You should not leave the roots in the ground as they will eventually grow and cause problems.

Be careful when digging around the root ball as you do not want to damage or take out any of the roots. The more intact the root system is, the better off your new tree will be.

Removing large chunks of soil around the root ball can help with this process. Using a spade, scrape off some of the soil and make a flat bed for the tree to sit in. This will help keep some of the roots in place when moving it. It is best to do this before moving it outside so it does not get dirty or knocked around.

When planting your new tree outside, make sure there is adequate drainage and sun exposure.

Call an expert for help

Root collar excavation services for trees in Beaverton

When a tree needs to come down, it’s wise to call in an expert to do the job. Professionals have the equipment and know-how to take down trees safely and effectively.

They will also charge you less than if you injured yourself or your property trying to take down a tree.

Tree removal experts have safety protocols and equipment for removing trees of any size. They can also tell you the best time of day to remove a tree, how to do it safely, and how to clean up the leftover debris.

If you are nervous about taking down a tree, or don’t know how, call an expert and save yourself the stress.

Know how to identify a dead tree

Root collar excavation services for trees in Beaverton

If you notice your tree is drooping or the leaves are brown and falling off, you should have an arborist come assess the tree. An arborist is a specialist in trees.

Arborists know how to identify the health of a tree by looking at its roots, trunk, and leaves. They also know how to evaluate whether or not a tree can be saved or needs to be taken down.

If your tree is infected with an insect or disease, an arborist can help treat it. Even if the roots are diseased, an arboroist may be able to save the tree if they can treat the root cause.

Be aware that if your arbortist says your tree needs to come down, they must be certified by the International Tree Care Society (ITCCS). Only certified arborists can determine if a tree needs to come down due to disease or death.

Watch this video about how to prune a tree

Root collar excavation services for trees in Beaverton

When you prune a tree, you remove parts of the tree to promote healthy growth. Pruning can be done in winter or summer, depending on the type of pruning you do.

There are two main reasons to prune a tree. The first is to manage the size and shape of the tree. The second is to care for the tree by removing dead or diseased parts and promoting new growth.

When you prune a fruit-bearing tree like an apple or pear tree, you should do winter pruning. This is because in winter, the trees are relatively dormant. This makes it easier to identify where new growth will occur when you perform spring pruning.

General tips for spring pruning include only removing dead wood and keeping adjacent branches from growing closer together.

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