Tree Hazard Assessments For Beaverton Properties

Tree assessments for property owners are a growing field. Many property owners are concerned about the health of trees on their property, and for good reason.

Trees can cause serious damage or injury if they fall down, lose balance, or become diseased. These conditions can lead to tree mortality, which requires intervention.

Tree specialists that conduct assessments charge by the hour, making it an expensive service. Many people do not have the funds to pay for this service, and tree assessment groups use this to their advantage. They offer their services for free in exchange for publicity or other favors.

This is not a bad thing unless the person doing the assessment does not know what they are doing. A good assessment needs to be done by someone with extensive knowledge of trees and forest ecology.

This article will explain more about tree assessments and who can do them.

Who should get one? 3) What does it cover? 4) How much does it cost? 5) Where can I get one? 6) What should I include in my report? 7) Are there any rules about trees on property lines? 8) What about damaged trees near houses? 9) Should I remove the tree or have it removed? 10) What happens if I damage a neighbor's property with a tree

Tree hazard assessments for Beaverton properties

Anyone who owns property with trees should have a tree assessment done. This is especially true if you live in an area prone to storms or if you notice any health issues with your trees.

Anyone can request a free tree assessment from the City of Beaverton. They will come and do a general inspection of your trees and provide you with recommendations on how to care for them.

If you would like a more in-depth assessment, there are several tree care companies that do inspections for a fee. These assessments include more details about the specific health of your trees and suggestions for maintenance.

A basic tree hazard assessment includes information about trees on property, trees overhanging property lines, and any potential hazards on the property.

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