Tree Mulching Services In Beaverton OR

Trees are a beautiful part of nature. Trees bring shade to parks and playgrounds, they line streets and create nice environments, and they bring natural beauty to homes and apartments.

Trees are also very important. They reduce air pollution by absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen. They provide natural shelter for animals and protect soil from being washed or blown away.

When trees are too tall, have died, or have become a nuisance, they need to be removed. When this happens, the question then becomes what to do with the tree?

Many places offer services that pick up trees and either compost them or sell them as wood. However, these places do not always have the capacity to take all trees. Sometimes trees are too large or have too much root ball for these places to handle.

Why use a tree mulching service?

More and more, communities are requiring tree service professionals to use mulch rather than sawdust or dumping chips in the landfill.

Many landfills no longer accept wood debris, and many cities have laws prohibiting dumping trees in the landfill. As a result, many tree service professionals have had to find alternative ways to dispose of the vegetation debris they manage.

You can ask any tree service professional and they will tell you – it is expensive and time consuming to find an acceptable disposal option for all of the vegetative matter that is removed during a tree service job.

Some landfills will accept dried out vegetation such as dried out leaves or pine needles, but most require that the material be dry before being deposited. This is why professional tree service professionals have industrial size air conditioners on their trucks – to dry out the vegetation prior to disposal.

What type of trees can I mulch?

Tree mulching services in Beaverton OR

Any type of tree can be mulched, including coniferous and deciduous trees. Coniferous trees include cedars, Douglas firs, and hemlocks.

Deciduous trees include maples, oaks, and willows. As mentioned before, composting services also take these types of trees.

There are some restrictions on diseased or damaged trees, however. These trees must not have been exposed to any insect or fungal damage.

Only dry material can be processed at the facility, so if your tree is still moist from being recently cut down, it cannot be processed there. It must dry out some before it can be mulched or shredded.

Beaverton Tree Mulch offers free inspection of your tree at the site to ensure it is acceptable for processing.

Do you need roots?

Tree mulching services in Beaverton OR

While most trees do not have much use for their roots, there are some situations where they come in handy. If you are looking to add a tree to your landscape, then a tree service will likely ask you for the roots.

Landscapers tend to ask for whole trees due to the fact that they can use the roots in their landscaping projects. They will either dig up the whole tree or use the roots as an accent feature.

If you do not want your trees roots in your landscape, then a tree mulching service is a good way to go. A tree mulching service typically charges per truck load and disposes of the material properly.

If you do not want to pay for mulching services and want to keep the roots, then it is best to let them dry out before trying to keep them. If they are still soft after drying out, then they were not sturdy enough and should be discarded.

How long does it take?

Tree mulching services in Beaverton OR

When choosing a tree service, make sure to ask how long they will take to complete the job. Some companies may have longer wait times due to scheduling and availability, so check!

Scheduling is an important part of the process as it can determine how quickly your landscape restoration is completed. A company with short scheduling may complete the job faster, but may have other jobs scheduled before yours, causing a longer wait.

Some companies have large crews which allow for quicker completion of jobs while others may have fewer workers which take longer. Both are good since one may be more efficient than the other.

Once your tree is removed, your new trees and plants will need to be tended to. A good tree service will return to check on your plants and trees to make sure they are growing well. A returning service is a good sign of a reliable company.

What happens to the tree?

Tree mulching services in Beaverton OR

Once your tree has been cut down, mulched, and bagged, what happens next depends on whether you chose to have it dropped off at a re-use facility or had it hauled away.

If you chose to drop it off at a facility, there are several places that take trees. These include local parks, the county landfill, and tree re-use businesses. If the tree is in good shape, it may be used as a planting tree or natural area restoration project.

If you had the tree hauled away, then the company you hired will determine its fate. They may donate it to a re-use business or pit it in an area for ecological restoration projects. It could also be burned as biomass energy or put in landfills.

Regardless of where your tree ends up after your services, your choice helps ensure that at least some of the wood is put to good use.

Can I get the wood afterwards?

Tree mulching services in Beaverton OR

Yes, you can get the wood afterwards! Most places will give you the wood once they are done with it. Some charge you a small fee for it, but most do not.

Most places that offer tree mulching services in Beaverton Or will let you come and take whatever wood is left over. You just have to make sure it is safe to use.

It is up to the company whether or not they leave the roots on the trees when they grind them up. Sometimes they do and sometimes they do not- it all depends on how much space they need to grind up the trees.

Is mulching good for the environment?

Tree mulching services in Beaverton OR

Yes, mulching is very good for the environment. By choosing to have trees and woody debris mulched rather than chipped, you are helping the environment in two main ways.

First, when trees are chipped, the chips can end up in a landfill. When this happens, the cellulose in the tree is no longer being put to use. By having your trees mulched instead of chipped, this problem is avoided.

Second, when trees are mulched instead of chipped, it requires less energy and machinery to do so. This is another way in which mulching helps the environment- it reduces waste and environmental impact from machinery used to process the tree debris.

Does it smell?

Tree mulching services in Beaverton OR

A common concern with mulching trees is whether or not it will smell. When your tree service cuts down the tree, they will bring it to the truck or trailer to haul it away.

Some companies may just pile the tree up on the truck or trailer and leave it there to dry out before hauling it away. This can lead to a strong smell as it dried out.

Other companies may haul the tree away wet. When it is dried out at the yard, this can lead to mold growth which would smell as well.

A quality mulch company will pick up your tree immediately after felling it so that there is little time for any moisture to evaporate and bacteria to grow. Your freshly cut tree will be turned into quality mulch quickly so that it does not dehydrate and cause a bad smell.

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