Tree Preservation During Beaverton's Utility Line Installations

As the population in cities and urban areas increases, tree preservation has become a growing concern. Many projects require the installation of utility lines, which can have a large impact on the landscape.

When installing new utility lines, telecom companies must work with engineers who are trained to coordinate the installation with trees. Trees are a significant part of any landscape, so this is a very important task!

To ensure that trees survive the installation process, engineers require two things: proper tree protection and suitable planting sites for the tree to re-root.

This article will discuss how forestry professionals protect trees during utility line installations and how you can help protect your neighborhood's trees!

Beaverton is a city in Washington County, Oregon, United States, located west of Portland across the Willamette River. The population was 78,133 in 2015.

Reach out to a tree surgeon

Tree preservation during Beaverton's utility line installations

Once you have the trees marked, you can begin the process of having the trees preserved.

If you plan to plant new trees in the future, a tree surgeon can help you preserve the roots while they are removed. A tree surgeon is a person who has education and experience in planting trees and caring for them as they grow.

Beaverton recommends contacting a tree surgeon two weeks prior to installation to give them enough time to prepare. This is because it takes some time to prepare the roots for planting another tree.

Once the trees are removed, it is best to plant new trees within one month of removal due to soil compaction. Planting later may result in less success with growth due to dry soil.

Keep your trees watered

Tree preservation during Beaverton's utility line installations

A very important part of preserving trees during utility line installation is making sure they are well-watered.

Beavers water trees to preserve them, so why not take inspiration from the animal named after your town?

Watering the trees daily until they are established is an easy way to help save them. This is also a good time to mention that planting time is now!

Tree planting events are happening all spring and summer, so check out the City of Beaverton’s Arbor Week for some free tree fun.

Arbor Week runs from May 6 through May 12 and includes activities, events and giveaways dedicated to tree planting and conservation. On May 6, there will be a tree giveaway at the Beaverton City Hall from 8:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.

Keep trees trimmed

Tree preservation during Beaverton's utility line installations

In addition to preserving trees, residents are also asked to keep their trees trimmed. Trimming trees regularly keeps them looking good and healthy, and prevents damage from heavy rains or strong wind.

Beaverton asks that residents maintain a minimum of six inches between the tree’s trunk and the edge of the canopy, and that branches are not shorter than three feet long. These guidelines help ensure proper installation of the utility lines.

If residents have trees in their yard that meet a certain size, they may be asked to cut down the tree so that the new line can be installed. Residents are then offered a voucher for tree preservation services so that they can have another tree planted in their yard.

Beaverton also offers resources for low-income residents who may not be able to afford having more trees planted in their yards.

In relation to power lines, trees should be at least 10 feet from the line

Tree preservation during Beaverton's utility line installations

Although most people know to ensure their trees are at least 10 feet away from a power line, many do not realize the importance of this for beaverton utility lines.

These lines carry communication wires as well as electricity, so they are a dual threat to trees. The wires can cut into the tree trunk or branches as they are installed, and then the tree may die from lack of water or nutrients due to severed roots.

The installation of the lines can also cause trees to topple due to strength loss. This is a big no-no, so make sure all trees surrounding your property are healthy and strong before having any work done.

Report a damaged tree

Tree preservation during Beaverton's utility line installations

If a tree is damaged, residents are asked to report the damage to the City so that they can keep an eye on the trees. If a tree needs to be removed, or if a large branch falls off, the city requests that contractors and residents use best practices when removing the tree.

Beaverton requires that any trees removed must be taken to a recycling and waste facility. They ask that residents not place them in the garbage as they may carry pests or diseases.

Trees are an important part of our urban environment and deserve special attention when it comes to maintenance. By being aware and reporting any trees that need attention, we can help keep ours healthy!

If you notice any downed trees or branches on your property, please do not attempt to remove them yourself.

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