Tree Preservation During Road Construction In Beaverton

Trees are an important part of any environment. Having trees provides shade, natural beauty, and habitat for animals and insects. Many trees are very old, making them a part of history and the legacy of a community.

When road construction or widening occurs, it is necessary to remove some trees. This can be very traumatic for the community as well as the trees themselves.

To prevent undue tree mortality during road construction, measures must be taken. These precautions are not costly and only improve the process slightly. By educating the workers about tree preservation, this initiative will succeed in saving many trees!

This article will discuss how to train workers on proper tree preservation during road construction so that no trees need to be re-planted or die due to improper care.

Document the tree with photos

Tree preservation during road construction in Beaverton

A few simple steps can help save trees during road construction. Be mindful of tree preservation when the road is planned and when the construction begins.

When the road is planned, planners should take note of trees that need to be preserved due to their position on the land or special significance.

Planners can also consult with arborists to determine which trees need to be preserved due to their health and value. This is not necessarily limited to paying arborists, anyone with expertise in trees can be consulted.

During construction, workers can take photos of any trees that are being removed or impacted and upload these to a file sharing service such as Google Drive or Dropbox. These photos can then be uploaded to a document that identifies each tree and what kind it is.

These simple steps can help ensure that all trees are recognized and given the care they need.

Keep a record of the tree's location and health

Tree preservation during road construction in Beaverton

If you plan to have a tree on your property, it is important to keep a record of its location and health. You should do this even before having a tree preservation service in Beaverton.

Trees take a long time to grow and develop deep roots. Because of this, trees can be very costly and time consuming to remove and replace.

By having a record of the tree’s location and health, professionals can more easily preserve these trees while construction is happening.

Having this information early on also prevents construction delays due to unexpected tree discoveries. By having your records up-to-date, construction can continue as planned without any surprises.

It is especially important to record the trees located near structures like houses and sidewalks so that they can be preserved properly.

Find a qualified arborist to assess the tree

Tree preservation during road construction in Beaverton

When a large tree stands in the way of road construction or needs to be removed due to safety concerns, it is important to know that the tree is being treated properly.

Only a qualified arborist can assess a tree and determine if it can be preserved or not. Many times, trees appear unhealthy but have hidden strength that an arborist must uncover during the assessment.

By having an arborist assess the tree, they can tell if it can be transplanted or preserved in place with bracing or root protection. If it cannot be preserved, then how it is removed is important!

Transplanting a tree takes time and care so that it survives. Removing a tree in the winter time when the roots are less active helps prevent death due to removal.

Get a second opinion from another arborist

Tree preservation during road construction in Beaverton

While it is rare, cases of tree preservation failure have occurred. When this happens, the trees are often not saved and damage is done to the trees.

When trees are threatened by construction, having an independent arborist assess the situation can help build confidence in the planned mitigation and prevent unnecessary tree removal.

An independent arborist will also look at the entire site and determine if there are any alternative solutions that could save trees without compromising safety or structure of the road.

By having an independent arborist examine the site, safety can be assured while also trying to save as many trees as possible. Having an arborist that is familiar with local tree species is also important.

Make sure the city knows about the tree

Tree preservation during road construction in Beaverton

One of the first things to do is make sure the city knows about the tree. If they do not know that a tree is there, then they will not be able to take precautionary measures.

There are two ways to do this. The first is by submitting an application for a tree preservation order through the City of Beaverton. This requires you to submit information about the tree, where it is located, and why it is important.

The second way is by simply informing the City of Beaverton’s Public Works Department that there is a tree on your property that needs preservation. They will take care of the rest!

Both of these ways are important in order to save your trees.

Prepare a preservation plan with the arborist

Tree preservation during road construction in Beaverton

When it comes to protecting trees during construction, it is best to consult an arborist. An arborist is a tree specialist who has education and certification in tree care.

They know how to care for trees and determine how vulnerable a tree is to injury or death. They also know best practices for protecting trees during construction.

Depending on the scope of the road construction, an arborist can provide several recommendations. They may ask the road construction crew to fence off the trees or may recommend protective measures like netting or padding.

General guidelines for preserving trees during road construction include keeping them well-watered and healthy, if possible. Keeping the roots cool and covered with soil helps protect them from being exposed.
Asking about protective measures early on can save your tree from being injured later.

Plan for replanting new trees after construction is complete

Tree preservation during road construction in Beaverton

When planning for tree preservation during road construction, it is important to think about what will happen to the trees once the construction is complete.

If trees need to be removed due to construction, then new trees will need to be planted in their place. If possible, these new trees should be the same species and age as the trees that were removed.

Removing several trees at once can be difficult, especially if the project is funded by specific milestones. Making plans ahead of time for new planting will help prevent losing more trees than necessary.

Road construction can take a while, so offering tree care workshops or providing resources for how to plant new trees yourself can be helpful.

Report any damage to the city immediately

Tree preservation during road construction in Beaverton

When a street or road construction project begins in your area, it can be unnerving to know what to do to protect your tree.

Beaverton requires contractors to protect trees when they dig up the ground for a new road or underground infrastructure.

This includes installing tree protection barriers around the trees, digging down to the roots, and/or spraying a protective chemical on the tree.

In addition, you are required to notify the city if you detect any damage to a tree. A arborist will come out and inspect the tree(s) and take appropriate action.

If no action is needed, the arborist will leave a notice on the tree(s) that it was inspected and found to be healthy. This lets residents know that their trees are being taken care of.

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