Tree Relocation Services For Beaverton's Utility Projects

Beaverton is a city located in the Washington County of Oregon, and is a rapidly growing area. As the city expands, new development and construction comes into conflict with trees.

Due to regulations and requirements, tree relocation is a real service that needs to be offered. When utilities need to be installed or trees need to be removed, trees can be relocated to a suitable place.

This may sound crazy, but it is done frequently. The trick is finding reliable tree relocation services that are experienced in doing this process.

Many people find trees on their own and attempt to relocate them themselves, but this can lead to death of the tree or other problems. Professional tree relocation services know how to do this correctly and with success rate of trees taking root and growing.

This article will discuss all of the details of professional tree relocation services and why they are necessary for certain projects.

Learn about tree root systems

Tree relocation services for Beaverton's utility projects

When a tree must be removed, it is important to understand how the tree roots grow and attach to the soil.

There are two primary types of root systems: superficial and deep. Superficial roots grow along the top layer of the soil and often look like a network. These roots typically do not hold the tree firmly in the ground and play little role in supporting the tree.

Deep roots grow deeper into the soil and form what is called the taproot. The taproot grows straight down into the ground, where it connects with sources of water and nutrients. These roots are what hold the tree firmly in place.

Removing only the superficial layers will not prevent reestablishment of new trees. To prevent this, arborists must remove some or all of the deep root system as well.

Understand why trees need to be relocated

Tree relocation services for Beaverton's utility projects

Although it may seem easier and more cost-effective to simply remove trees from the area where work is being done, many times it is illegal to do so.

In most cases, trees need to be relocated rather than removed because of laws such as the Clean Water Act and the Endangered Species Act.

These laws were put into place to protect water quality and animal habitats, both of which are vital for our health and wellbeing.

Trees play a significant role in mitigating the effects of climate change as well, making reforestation efforts even more important. By law, contractors must save trees that are in the way of construction projects unless they are dead or diseased.

Relocating trees is a more costly process but is very important for environmental conservation. Many times, tree relocation services will also use special equipment to gently remove the tree from the ground without damaging its root system.

Protecting trees for future use

Tree relocation services for Beaverton's utility projects

When a tree must be removed for a project, it is important to remember that trees are an important part of our world.

They filter air, provide shelter, and shade areas. Beavers know this very well, which is why they are such an invasive species.

When their habitat is compromised, they work hard to change the land around them into a waterway where they can thrive.

Unfortunately, this means they will cut down even more trees to build their river system. By moving the trees that they use into the new land, they can continue to grow and thrive.

Beavers know how valuable these trees are so they typically do not gnaw on them unless there is no other option. When there is an opportunity to relocate a tree, chances are the Beaver was involved.

Get your project approved by your company

Once you have collected all of the necessary information, it is time to get your project approved. Most companies have a structure in place for approving new projects, so do not worry too much about how to get it approved.

Most companies have a group of people that approve new projects and/or changes in operations. These people have some power to decide whether or not your project is worthy of funding, so it is important to get their approval.

Getting someone upstairs in the company to support your project can make a big difference later on. Persuading someone higher up the chain can be tricky, but it could make the difference between success and failure.

Be aware that there are two kinds of “no”: A simple “no” and a “no, but…” It can be hard to tell the difference between the two, but one of them might lead to future projects together.

Choose the right tree relocation expert

Tree relocation services for Beaverton's utility projects

A tree relocation expert will have the knowledge and experience to move a tree from one place to another without damaging the tree.

Not all professionals are trained in this field, so make sure to check whether or not they provide tree relocation services. If they do not, ask them if they would be willing to collaborate with a professional who does.

There are many factors that go into determining whether or not a tree can be successfully relocated. These include the size and age of the tree, its root system, whether or not it is in bloom, and if it has been treated with any pesticides.

A specialist will also consider the location of the tree as well as what kind of environment it is being moved to. This is important because if the new environment does not suit the tree, then re-planting may not work.

Prepare your tree for moving

Tree relocation services for Beaverton's utility projects

Before you can move a tree, you need to prepare it. This includes determining the best time to move the tree, protecting the tree before moving, and safeguarding it after moving.

When to move a tree depends on the project that requires its relocation. Trees must be healthy before being moved, so time of year is also taken into consideration.

To prepare the tree for moving, make sure the roots are not exposed or dried out. If so, water well before moving to re-establish root system strength.

To safeguard the tree after moving, place it in soil that is similar to its current soil type. Make sure there is adequate water retention and drainage after doing this!

Check out these tips for more helpful information.

Know your costs up front

Tree relocation services for Beaverton's utility projects

When it comes to relocating trees, cost is always a concern. Tree relocation services can range from hundreds of dollars per tree to thousands of dollars per tree, depending on the size and number of trees.

Utility companies provide reimbursement for tree relocation, but only pay for the average cost of all the trees they require relocated. This average cost is not likely to be enough to relocate large and/or many trees.

Beaverton provides a flat rate reimbursement for all trees required to be relocated due to their utility projects. This allows for enough funding to relocate any number of trees needed!

Re-planting costs are also provided at no additional charge. This allows for 100% cost coverage for all trees removed for utility projects.

Keep your tree healthy before moving

Tree relocation services for Beaverton's utility projects

Before you search for a tree moving service, make sure to take care of your tree. You will want to have a healthy tree before you spend money having it moved.

Make sure the roots are well-established before digging up the tree. The tree should not be in decline, with browning leaves or dying branches.

Tree experts say that when digging up a tree, the largest root should be as large as the trunk and there should be at least two strong roots per inch of trunk diameter. This will help ensure the tree settles in at its new location successfully.

Be aware that trees can take a while to recover after being transplanted. Some trees do not take well to their new environment and may die or go into decline. Watch your new tree after moving it to make sure it is improving.

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