Tree Removal For New Construction In Beaverton

A common construction project in Beaverton is the construction of a new home. This can involve the construction of the walls, floor, and roof of the home.

One of the stages of construction involves removing trees near the planned structure site. Some trees may be in the planned structure site, and others may need to be removed due to space needed for things like garages or gardens.

Beaverton has tree preservation regulations that require some trees to be preserved during construction. Before issuing a permit for construction, a licensed arborist must assess the site and determine how many trees must be preserved.

The number of trees required to be preserved can vary depending on several factors such as whether or not there will be a swimming pool on the property and if there is adequate space for all the planned structures.

Arborists are highly trained professionals that know how to protect trees from damage during construction. They also know how many trees can be removed without negatively impacting biodiversity.

Plan your construction carefully

Tree removal for new construction in Beaverton

When planning your construction project, make sure you research the size and type of tree species you will be removing. This includes researching which trees may be hazardous due to weakness or rot.

Beaverton requires that contractors hire a qualified arborist to assess the trees prior to removal. This is an important part of the process to ensure safety during removal.

Having an arborist involved also helps with complying with city ordinances for replacement trees. The ordinances vary by city, but most have some sort of requirement for planting new trees.

Planning ahead and having a knowledgeable team on your side can help save time and money in the long run by avoiding these violations.
Whether it is building a house, adding on, or moving into an existing one, there are some things to know about tree removal for new construction in Beaverton.

Avoid damaging trees

Tree removal for new construction in Beaverton

Because trees are an important part of any property, developers and construction companies must pay close attention to how they handle trees during construction.

Unfortunately, in some cases, trees must be removed in order to complete new construction projects. When this happens, it is important to know how to protect the health of the remaining trees and the soil surrounding them.

Beaverton requires that all contractors undergo training on tree removal as part of their requirements for completing a project. This includes what types of equipment can be used to remove a tree as well as how to properly protect the roots and surrounding soil.

Contractors may also be required to use special protective covers when removing roots in order to prevent them from breaking. These covers must meet a certain level of durability in order to protect the tree.

Do not plant new trees near old ones

Tree removal for new construction in Beaverton

A common mistake people make when building new structures is not considering the impact on the surrounding environment. When trees are close to construction sites, they can be at risk of damage or death.

When trees are planted close to other trees, or in a row, they can become vulnerable to diseases and death due to competition for water and nutrients.

Beaverton requires that developers pay for tree removal during construction in order to ensure that enough space is created for the new structure. This way, new trees can be planted once construction is finished!

You can also opt to hire a tree removal service in Beaverton if you would like to plant new trees but do not want to pay for the removal of existing ones.

Before building anything, consider where you would like to plant new vegetation and check if there are any existing plants that need removing first.

Know the rules and regulations

Tree removal for new construction in Beaverton

Before you start any construction project, you need to know what requirements and regulations you need to follow. The same goes for tree removal in Beaverton for new construction.

Beaverton has some strict regulations when it comes to tree removal for new construction. You cannot remove trees larger than a certain diameter within a certain distance of the property line.

These regulations are in place to protect the wildlife and natural environment of the area. As much as people love their homes, they love the nature around them just as much.

Removing trees can also have an impact on the water and sewer systems in the area. With adequate regulation, these problems are prevented and managed.

If you are planning on building a new home in Beaverton, make sure to learn about these regulations before starting any construction projects.

Have a permit ready

Tree removal for new construction in Beaverton

When you are ready to have your trees removed, make sure you have a permit ready. The City of Beaverton requires all homeowners to obtain a free tree removal permit prior to having trees removed on property owned by the individual.

This permit is only valid for seven days after issue, so be prepared to have all of your information gathered and processed quickly.

You will need the following information in order to obtain the permit: your name, address of property where tree removal is occurring, type and number of trees being removed, location (if on public land) and reason for removal.

Beaverton also requires that if the tree removal is occurring as part of new construction, then the contractor must obtain the permit on behalf of the homeowner. Individual homeowners may still apply for their own individual permit though.

Find out if your insurance covers tree damage

Tree removal for new construction in Beaverton

Property owners should make sure that their property insurance covers tree damage. If a tree falls on your new house, it would be disastrous if you did not have insurance to cover it.

It is important to keep up with insurance updates and payments to ensure you are fully covered. Insurance companies offer discounts for maintaining insurance for a certain length of time, so keeping it for at least a year is helpful.

Some companies offer special insurance policies for trees on your property. These policies may cost more but provide full coverage in case of damage or removal.

If a tree on your property seems diseased or unstable, contact an arborist to do an inspection and possible removal. This can be costly, but saving the tree could save you money in the long run.

Use a crane to lift trees

Tree removal for new construction in Beaverton

If you are planning to build a structure and need to remove a tree or trees, your best bet is to hire a professional. Not only will a professional ensure your trees are removed safely, they will also use the appropriate equipment to do so.

Removing a tree can be dangerous if you are not trained on how to do so safely. Professionals have the knowledge and experience needed to remove a tree without causing any harm to others or property.

To start, they will use a crane to lift the tree off the ground. This is important as it keeps the root system intact which allows for successful replanting if desired.

Then, they will use saws and other equipment to cut down the tree. They will carefully place the roots in protective material so that they can be replanted somewhere else.

Bury roots with deep root fertilization

Tree removal for new construction in Beaverton

When you remove a tree, you should take care to remove the roots as well. If you do not, the tree will try to grow new roots in the place where they were removed. This can lead to instability of your newly constructed area or new construction.

Beaverton tree removal experts advise you to bury the roots with a deep root fertilization. This way, the tree will not try to grow new roots in the soil, as it will think it is in its natural environment.

Removing trees is a dangerous job and should only be done by professionals.

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