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In the bustling city of Beaverton, Oregon, trees are a treasured aspect of the natural environment. However, there are occasions when tree removal becomes necessary - be it due to disease, damage, or development plans. Before you pick up that chainsaw, it's crucial to understand the rules and regulations around tree removal in Beaverton.

The city administrations take the preservation of its green spaces very seriously, implementing a permit system for the felling of trees. This blog post will guide you through the process of obtaining a Tree Removal Permit in Beaverton, Oregon. We'll explore the reasons for needing a permit, the criteria for approval, and step-by-step instructions on how to apply. We hope this article will serve as a valuable resource for businesses and households alike.

Importance of obtaining a tree removal permit in Beaverton, Oregon:

tree removal permit beaverton oregon

Tree removal might seem like a fairly straightforward task, but it's not as simple as getting out the chainsaw and getting to work. In Beaverton, Oregon, like many places, it's essential to obtain a tree removal permit.

Why is a permit important?

Foremost, permits are a legal requirement. By gaining official permission, you avoid possible legal repercussions. Beyond the law, they serve a bigger purpose of environmental preservation. This process ensures that tree removal is done responsibly, without causing harm to surrounding plant life or wildlife habitats.

Also, consider the safety. With a permit, the city knows professionals are handling the labor-intensive work, reducing risks of injuries or damages.

Don't skirt the system. Secure a tree removal permit and work responsibly and safely.

Who needs a tree removal permit in Beaverton, Oregon and why?

tree removal permit beaverton oregon

Anyone intending to cut down, prune or remove a tree in Beaverton, Oregon might require a tree removal permit.

This city-specific ordinance is essential for both individuals and businesses and is often necessary if the tree is on city property or if the tree stands in a designated 'right of way' area.

Moreover, if the tree has reached a certain height or diameter, a permit will be necessary, ensuring the careful conservation of the local ecosystem.

The aim of these laws is to protect trees in developed and undeveloped areas, ensuring the collective health and sustainability of Beaverton’s urban forest.

Violations of these regulations can lead to financial penalties, so it's wise to acquaint yourself with the rules before conducting any extensive tree work in Beaverton.

General process for obtaining a tree removal permit in Beaverton, Oregon:

tree removal permit beaverton oregon

Obtaining a tree removal permit in Beaverton, Oregon involves a straightforward yet meticulous process.

Interested parties must first submit an application to Beaverton's Planning Department. This application must detail the tree's location, size, species, and the reason behind the desired removal.

After submitting your application, a city arborist will assess the tree and circumstances surrounding the removal request. The evaluation results can take 2 - 4 weeks.

The city arborist's decision is then published publically for anyone to see. If no objections are raised by the community within 14 days, the permit can be granted.

It's important to note that permits are typically given only when the tree is diseased, dying, or represents a safety hazard. Understanding these guidelines will help ease the permit procurement process.

Documentations and other requirements needed for a tree removal permit:

tree removal permit beaverton oregon

Before you can proceed with tree removal in Beaverton, Oregon, there are certain documentations and requirements you must adhere to.

Firstly, you'll need to complete a Tree Removal Permit Application. This form requires information like the tree species, diameter, reason for removal, and a site plan illustrating the tree's location.

In addition, a written arborist report could be required. This report, generated by a certified arborist, outlines the tree's health, potential risk factors, and justification for removal.

Photographs of the tree(s) in question can provide visual context. Make sure to capture several angles to give a thorough understanding of the situation.

Lastly, you may need to present a reforestation plan. This outlines how you intend to replace the removed tree(s), demonstrating your commitment to Beaverton's green initiatives.

Remember, each case is unique and the city may require additional documents as deemed necessary. Always double check with city officials to ensure all requirements are met.

Criteria and conditions that could lead to approval or denial of tree removal permit:

Obtaining a tree removal permit in Beaverton, Oregon largely hinges on multiple criteria set by the city.

Firstly, the tree's impact on overall neighborhood aesthetics and environmental wellness are considered.

Additionally, if the tree presents a risk to public safety or causes unreasonable hardships, one stands a higher chance of getting permit approval.

The tree's health is also taken into account; diseased, dead or dying trees are more likely to be approved for removal.

On the contrary, permit requests could be denied if the tree holds significant historic or public value, or if its removal would adversely impact local ecology.

Lastly, the possible denial could stem from the absence of reasonable alternatives such as pruning or relocating the tree.

Understanding these criteria can provide a guide in the application process.

Information on fees and charges for a tree removal permit in Beaverton, Oregon:

tree removal permit beaverton oregon

When considering a tree removal in Beaverton, Oregon, it's important to be aware that the city imposes certain fees and charges.

Contractors require a city-issued permit to execute the removal, the cost of which varies according to the size and type of the tree.

A permit for removing a small tree or shrub could cost around $110, whereas larger tree removal may reach up to $315 in permit fees.

In addition, you will be expected to pay an inspection fee, generally around $60.

Please note, these are benchmark prices and may change.

Also, if the removal is denied, the application fee is non-refundable. It's hence advised to consult an arborist or local official to assess the feasibility of issuance before applying.

Ultimately, the cost of tree removal in Beaverton includes more than just the physical act of the removal, with permitting and inspection fees also coming into play.

Consequences of not obtaining a tree removal permit in Beaverton, Oregon:

tree removal permit beaverton oregon

Failing to obtain a tree removal permit in Beaverton, Oregon, can have serious repercussions.

Firstly, you may incur hefty fines. This local regulation aims to protect urban forests and the fine for violating it could reach up to $1,000 per inch of tree diameter.

Secondly, not only is your cash at stake, but your reputation too. Non-compliance with laws can lead to negative publicity and strained relations with local authorities.

Moreover, neglecting to obtain a permit can lead to legal complications. In some cases, this disregard can lead to a stop-work order on other projects.

Finally, the repercussions extend beyond financial penalties and reputation damage. Being proactive in maintaining Beaverton's green landscape contributes to the community and its environment. Engaging in unauthorized tree removal may lead to significant environmental implications, leading to a loss of biodiversity and contribution to climate change.

Resources and contacts for more information about tree removal permits in Beaverton, Oregon:

tree removal permit beaverton oregon

If you require additional information about tree removal permits in Beaverton, Oregon, numerous resources are available.

The City of Beaverton's Official Website should be your first port of call. It provides comprehensive details on adhering to local tree regulations.

The Beaverton Planning Division can answer specific questions. You can reach out via telephone: (503) 526-2420 or email:

For citizens who prefer in-person consultations, the office is located at The Beaverton Building, 12725 SW Millikan Way, Beaverton.

Be forewarned, tree removal without a valid permit is illegal and attracts hefty fines. It's always best to ensure you have the correct information and procedures in place before you embark on your project.

Willamette Urban Forestry is a local business that offers consultations on tree removal in compliance with city regulations. Their arborists can offer professional, on-the-ground advice. Call (503) 975-5195 today.

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