Tree Transplanting Services For Beaverton Landscapes

Tree planting is a subtle way to add some green into your landscape. Having a tree grow in your backyard or in your neighborhood as a community garden project is a cool way to introduce the neighborhood to nature.

Landscaping with trees is a beautiful way to explore nature in your surroundings. Trees are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they offer shade, protection from storms, and new wildlife habitat.

Tree planting campaigns are very popular worldwide. This year, over six million trees were planted in just one country on May 26! This was part of the Worldwide Tree Planting Day where volunteers plant trees to make up for those lost due to climate change and other factors.

If you are looking to plant some trees in your backyard or neighborhood, check out these tree planting services for more information.

Find a compatible tree

Tree transplanting services for Beaverton landscapes

Finding the right tree is important part of your tree transplanting service. When you find a tree you love, make sure to do some research on it to see if it is the right fit for you.

Trees come in several types, including pine, ficus, willow, and oak. Trees can also be divided into short, medium, or tall growth trees. Understanding the type of tree you want and how tall you want it to be when it is established will help find the right tree.

To ensure your new friend is well taken care of, find a tree supplier that offers care instructions for your new plant buddy.

Prepare the new tree

Tree transplanting services for Beaverton landscapes

When it comes time to plant the new tree, you need to make sure all the preparations have been made. The biggest one is the soil mix you use to plant in.

Depending on the species of tree you are planting, what color flower or fruit it produces, and where in the world it’s from, there may be a specific soil mixture it needs. Some trees like more acidic soil while others like more alkaline soil.
There are several things that can be done before planting to ensure your tree grows and stays healthy after planting. One of these things is called ‘limbing up’. This means removing some of the lower branches before planting so that the roots have enough space and air circulation around them.

Another thing that can be done is called ‘scarifying’ the roots. This means cutting through the outer layer of root so that they can grow down into the new substrate.

Transplant the tree

Tree transplanting services for Beaverton landscapes

If you have a tree that needs to be removed, you can have the tree company come and remove the tree, but leave the stump in the ground.

A specialist will then come and excavate the stump, leaving a hole in the ground. You can then have someone come and put in a new tree or plant bed in that spot.

This is an eco-friendly way to go about it as you are not wasting any part of the tree. The roots are still in the ground and a new plant may grow.

Beaverton has many trees so this is a good service to provide for your community. Tree transplanting services cost less than complete removal so this is an affordable way to go about it.

Water it well

Tree transplanting services for Beaverton landscapes

Once your new tree is in the ground, you need to make sure it does not dry out. For the first year, you will need to water it well. You should also add a tree protector or soil around the roots to ensure it does not dry out.

Tree protectors are thick plastic or cardboard pieces that go around the tree and catch water. This helps ensure your tree does not die from drought for its first year in the ground.

Beaverton landscaping professionals also suggest mulching around the tree. This helps keep moisture in the ground around the tree and aids in its growth.

Keep it sheltered

Tree transplanting services for Beaverton landscapes

Once the tree is in the new location, it is important to shelter it until it is well established. A tree that is exposed to wind and weather will have a hard time recovering.

Be careful when laying the tree down in the planting area. Make sure the roots are laid down properly and covered by soil. Press down on the tree to make sure it is stable before leaving.

It can take years for a transplanted tree to fully adjust and start growing again. Keep an eye on it and be ready to assist it if there is a bad storm. You can also apply some mulch around the base of the tree to help protect it against weathering effects.

Be aware that trees may need to be transplanted again if they do not take well in the new location.

Watch it grow

Tree transplanting services for Beaverton landscapes

Once your new tree is in the ground, you will need to monitor its growth. A tree may look complete when it is planted, but there is still work to be done!

It will take several years before your tree reaches maturity. During this time, you will need to care for it to ensure its health. Your local tree transplanting service can advise you on the appropriate care.

During the first year after planting, you should observe your tree and look for signs of health. You can do this by checking its leaves, noticing new growth, and observing if it produces fruit or nuts.

If your tree needs help gaining weight, a local arborist can advise you on the best ways to do that. You can also use mulch or watering to help promote growth.

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