Tree Trimming And Pruning Services In Beaverton OR

Tree trimming and pruning is a service many trees need every few years. As trees grow, they need to have layers of branches trimmed off to keep them healthy.

Healthy trees require periodic tree trimming services to ensure their longevity. When trees are poorly maintained or have poor health, tree trimmers can cause further damage or even kill the tree.

Because there are many types of trees, and each has different growth patterns, there are several approaches to taking down unwanted branches. Some trees have very defined periods where growth is noticeable, making it easy to schedule trimming sessions.

Other trees require more frequent trimmings due to their nature. These needs must be taken into account when providing regular tree care services.

This article will discuss some basics of providing tree trimming and pruning services for your business.

Why should I have my trees trimmed?

Tree trimming and pruning services in Beaverton OR

A well-trained tree can be a beautiful, lush asset to your property. Well-trained trees are trees that are planted in the ground and grow up tall and strong.

Trees take a lot of time and effort to do this, so once they are established, it is important to keep them healthy.

Tree specialists come around to check on trees and their health. They look at the roots, branches, and overall health of the tree to determine this.

If there is something wrong with the tree health, specialists will recommend things to do to fix the issue. Some things include cutting back on nutrients or irrigation, or even removing parts of the tree.

These professionals also come out to help with tree trimming services. This is when all of the dead leaves and branches are removed.

Who should trim my trees?

Tree trimming and pruning services in Beaverton OR

When hiring a tree service to come and trim or groom your trees, it is important to find a company that has experienced and knowledgeable tree trimmers.

Not all tree trimmers are able to recognize the specific and advanced techniques needed to properly trim certain trees. Some trees can have very sensitive bark or growth cycles that need to be taken into consideration when pruning.

Some trees, like maples for example, have branches that grow upward and then downward again. If a tree trimmer does not know this, they could accidentally cut the branch off at the bottom where it dies, leaving a stub. This would negatively impact the health of the tree later on.

What equipment do they use?

Most professionals use climb up tools to get into the trees to do their work. These can include ladders, tree climbing gear, and rope systems to help them get up into the trees.

Some professionals may use chainsaws to trim larger branches, while others will use smaller, more precise pruning shears. It depends on the level of professionalism and how much time they have to finish the job.

All of these tools are necessary for completing the task of tree trimming effectively. Some trees are harder to work with than others, so having all types of climbing equipment is helpful.

A lot of professionals will sell or loan their equipment at a reduced price or for free if you hire them to do your tree trimming.

Can I trim my own trees?

Tree trimming and pruning services in Beaverton OR

While some people may have experience with trees, most people do not have experience properly and thoroughly trimming trees. This is due to the fact that most people do not have the right tools or know-how.

Trimming trees is a profession! Tree specialists and experts have gone through training to know exactly how to trim trees. They have the right tools and know how to use them to efficiently and safely trim trees.

Most tree specialists charge per hour, so you will pay based on how long it takes them to complete your tree trimming job. This is why it is not very cost-effective to try and do your own tree trimming when you pay per hour.

What happens if I let the trees grow out?

Tree trimming and pruning services in Beaverton OR

If you do not have the time or ability to regularly maintain your trees, it is best to let them grow. However, this should only be done if you have the space for them to grow!

Trees will continue to grow until they are trimmed or removed, so this could lead to some serious issues. If the trees are close to a structure such as a house or shed, they could lead to water damage or even structural failure.

If there is no more room for the trees to grow, then they will need to be replaced. Trees take a while to become established, so this would be a long process. It would also cost more money due to having to buy new, bigger trees.

Be sure to talk with tree trimming professionals when letting your trees grow.

Are there any regulations I should be aware of?

Tree trimming and pruning services in Beaverton OR

Regulations regarding tree care and pruning are there for your safety. Most cities have some sort of regulation on tree care, as well as Forestry agencies of the state you live in.

Some rules include only allowing certified arborists or licensed professionals to take down trees, ensuring trees with a diameter-at-breast-height (DBI) of six inches or greater are considered shade trees, and having at least one native species in a landscape.

There are some serious dangers when it comes to improper tree trimming and removal. One such danger is causing structural damage to your house or property.

If you hire a professional tree trimmer to come out and take down a tree on your property, they will make sure that the tree is taken down safely without damaging anything else on your property.

What are the recommended tree-trimming times?

Tree trimming and pruning services in Beaverton OR

In most cases, spring and autumn are the best times to trim trees. The spring time coincides with tree growth. As trees grow, they need to be trimmed to keep them in shape and healthy.

In the spring, trees tend to have a lot of new growth. By trimming the tree at this time, you can re-shape the tree or remove dead or diseased parts.

In the autumn, the leaves have dropped, making it easier to see what needs to be trimmed. Plus, if you wait until winter when the tree is dormant, there is less risk of damaging it by trimming too early.

Some professionals may do some limited pruning in the summer due to special requests, but it is not recommended unless done by a professional.

What type of trees should I have?

Tree trimming and pruning services in Beaverton OR

In order to have the best tree-themed home, you should have a variety of trees. There are many tree species to choose from, and some are more expensive than others.

For example, some rare trees may cost thousands of dollars, while other common trees like pine trees are much cheaper. You can also buy tree seedlings instead of grown trees if you want to add more diversity sooner.

Beaverton tree experts recommend keeping your trees in their natural shape, or what is known as the natural progression of the tree. Prune and trim the branches and leaves in a way that looks natural so that it blends in with the rest of the forest.

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