What Is Pruning In A Decision Tree Mcq

Pruning refers to the process of removing unnecessary nodes from a decision tree. This is performed in order to improve the efficiency and accuracy of the classification or prediction made by the tree.

There are two types of pruning: downsizing and downsample-upgrade. Downsizing refers to removing leaves, which are nodes with no children nodes. Downsample-upgrade refers to removing lower level features, which are nodes with only child nodes of higher level features.

When performing pruning, it is important to check if the information in the node is important. If it is not, then it should be removed!

Pruning can be performed for a variety of reasons. One reason is to reduce the amount of time it takes for the decision tree to classify or predict something. By using pruning, you are making the process more efficient.

Another reason is to improve the accuracy of the prediction made by the tree.

Why is pruning done?

Pruning is done to improve the efficiency of the tree. Pruning removes less important nodes and branches so that the tree can handle more information.

As mentioned before, information is put into the tree in the form of leaves. The tree must be able to handle all the information given to it in order to be efficient.

If there was too much information given to the tree, it would become overgrown and possibly break. By pruning, you are able to cut off unneeded branches and stems, making it a stronger tree.

Pruning is an important part of constructing a decision tree and is required for efficiency. Without pruning, your decision tree may not be as accurate when testing it on new data.

What does it mean?4) Who does it?5) Is it effective?6) What are the drawbacks?7) Does it always work?8) What are the types of pruning?9) Which type of pruning is used most often?10) What is the conclusion?

what is pruning in a decision tree mcq

Pruning is the process of eliminating wrong decisions and branches in the tree. Only the correct decisions are left intact while the incorrect ones are removed.

Who does pruning? It is done by a pruner, someone with extensive knowledge about trees and how to care for them. They know what needs to be taken down to help the tree grow healthy and strong.

Is it effective? Yes! Pruning removes dead or diseased parts of a tree, which helps prevent infection in the rest of the tree. It also encourages new growth, like how pruning spring bulbs helps promote summer growth.

There are some drawbacks to pruning, however. If it is not done correctly, it can harm the tree.

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