Winter Storm Damage Repair For Trees In Beaverton

A recent winter storm has caused significant tree damage across the US, including in the Beaverton area. Many trees were damaged or even destroyed by strong winds and heavy snow.

Trees can be a beautiful part of your property, but they can also be dangerous. If a tree falls the wrong way, it can hit your house or car, or even hurt someone.

Removing a tree that has been damaged or destroyed is a job for a professional arborist. These professionals have training and certification in tree care and safety. They know how to safely remove trees of all kinds, what precautions to take, and how to clean up the debris left behind.

If you are concerned about the health of your trees or want to have any removed, call an arborist! They can do a thorough inspection and diagnosis of the problem and recommend treatment if needed.

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Remove loose branches

Winter storm damage repair for trees in Beaverton

If a large branch falls off your tree during the winter due to ice and weight, you will need to remove it. If left alone, it can potentially damage your tree or someone else’s property.

Removing the branch is also important for spring growth. The tree needs to know how much space it has to grow when spring comes around, and removing a branch helps with that.

Beaverton tree specialists say that it is best to remove branches during winter due to the strength of the trees. When the trees are dormant, they have more strength because there is no growth happening.

If you notice a weak looking branch, ask a specialist if they can remove it for you! They usually have tools that can do the job easily.

Cut down damaged trees

Winter storm damage repair for trees in Beaverton

If a large part of the tree has been knocked down, you will need to have it removed. This can be done by a professional tree removal service or by you if you have experience.

Removing a tree takes experience and knowhow, so if you are not familiar with how to do this, we suggest finding a company that does this often. They will have all of the right tools and knowledge to remove the tree in a safe manner.

After the tree is removed, make sure all of the roots are cleared out and that there are no sharp edges on the roots or trunk where they emerge from the ground. If there are, they should be smoothed out so that new grass or vegetation can grow there.

Make sure they are cut up and removed properly

Winter storm damage repair for trees in Beaverton

When a tree needs to be removed, make sure the tree professionals know how to properly remove the tree. This includes knowing how to handle the tree during removal, knowing how to take down the entire tree, and knowing when to let go.

By them knowing how to handle the tree, they should know what places are weak and vulnerable to breakage. By them taking down the whole tree, they prevent any harm or damage to anything else.

When they let go, they should know how much rope tension to use to get the tree to turn and fall in the right direction. If they do not do this correctly, it could lead to more damage or harm.

Identify broken branches

Winter storm damage repair for trees in Beaverton

If winter storm damage caused broken branches, you should carefully identify all of them. Note whether they are live branches or dead ones, and whether they are intact or damaged.

Live branches can be pruned in the spring, and dead ones can be removed. In both cases, knowing the difference is important for preservation of the tree.

To identify a dead branch, feel its tip and bottom end—if there is no flexibility or life to it, it is gone. If it is only slightly rigid but bending leaves signs of life at the top end, then it can be pruned in the spring to help the tree grow stronger.

Removing shattered ends and broken tops of trees takes away some of its appearance, but helps preserve the health of the tree. Pruning in the spring lets new growth take place on healthy roots.

Have broken branches removed or repaired

Winter storm damage repair for trees in Beaverton

If a branch falls off your tree and damages something or hurts someone, you would be responsible for paying for the damage or a lawsuit. Therefore, it is best to have professionals remove broken branches to avoid these consequences.

It is our responsibility as tree owners to keep our trees healthy and maintain them. A large part of this is knowing when to remove dead or diseased parts of the tree.

Tree surgeons use hydraulic shears to cut heavy branches. These are expensive so it is best to have them do it rather than buying your own and risking damage to your tree.

Having your trees trimmed regularly helps prevent widespread growth of fungi and bacteria that can eventually kill the tree.

Replant damaged trees if possible

Winter storm damage repair for trees in Beaverton

If a large portion of the tree is damaged or removed, it is best to try and replant the tree if possible. If the tree is young, you can cut off the top part and plant it again, letting it grow into a new tree.

If the tree is older and the core trunk is damaged, you can arrange for it to be chipped and planted as a seedling or sapling. This helps create new trees!

If the damage is severe and you cannot replant the tree, then arrange for disposal. Make sure to ask for environmentally friendly disposal if possible.

There are cases where trees are so diseased or damaged that they need to be removed. Make sure to check your trees before these storms hit to see if there is any improvement or worsening of health.

Keep your tree healthy with the right plant food

Winter storm damage repair for trees in Beaverton

Now that your tree has withstood the winter storm, it is time to keep your tree healthy and vigorous. One way to do this is by keeping your tree fed and healthy.

Trees require several nutrients to grow healthily. These include phosphorus, potassium, zinc, copper, magnesium, manganese, calcium, and nitrogen.

Phosphorus and potassium are especially important for tree health as they are integral parts of plant cells. Phosphorus helps plants grow roots and resist disease while potassium helps with plant growth.

To ensure your tree gets the necessary nutrients it needs, you can either buy plant food or make it yourself. To do this, you need to analyze your tree’s soil and then add in the necessary nutrients via a spray or powder form.

Also, make sure to use organic compounds when spraying or spreading the nutrient solution on the ground.

Know the type of tree you have

Winter storm damage repair for trees in Beaverton

Knowing the type of tree you have is essential to winter storm damage repair for trees in Beaverton. Fig, olive, and oak trees are generally more resistant to snow and wind damage than birch, poplar, and willow trees.

Some tree species, like pines, are more susceptible to breakage due to their slender branches. Evergreen trees like cypress and cedar are more resistant to snow and wind damage than deciduous trees like oak or maple.

If you are not sure what type of tree you have, consult a professional arborist. They can do a thorough inspection of your tree and let you know if there are any structural issues.

Arborists may charge a fee for this service, but it is well worth it in the end. A new tree specialist does not know your tree as well as someone who has been inspecting them for years does.

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